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Last Updated: Tue Apr 20 21:48:02 GMT 2021
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 (for 0d 5h 51m 18s)
Status Information:SWAP OK - 59% free (2388 MB out of 4095 MB)
Performance Data:swap=2388MB;614;409;0;4095
Current Attempt:1/4  (HARD state)
Last Check Time:04-20-2021 21:46:44
Check Type:ACTIVE
Check Latency / Duration:0.000 / 0.060 seconds
Next Scheduled Check:  04-20-2021 21:51:44
Last State Change:04-20-2021 15:56:44
Last Notification:04-20-2021 15:56:44 (notification 0)
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 (0.00% state change)
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Last Update:04-20-2021 21:47:59  ( 0d 0h 0m 3s ago)
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Re-schedule Next Service CheckRe-schedule the next check of this service
Submit Passive Check Result For This ServiceSubmit passive check result for this service
Stop Accepting Passive Checks For This ServiceStop accepting passive checks for this service
Stop Obsessing Over This ServiceStop obsessing over this service
Disable Notifications For This ServiceDisable notifications for this service
Send Custom NotificationSend custom service notification
Schedule Downtime For This ServiceSchedule downtime for this service
Disable Event Handler For This ServiceDisable event handler for this service
Disable Flap Detection For This ServiceDisable flap detection for this service
Clear Flapping State For This ServiceClear flapping state for this service

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